The power of making

This was a brilliant exhibition shown at the Victoria & Albert Museum from Sep 20011 to Jan 20012. It showed a range of crafts, design and textiles pushed to its limits in strange and wonderful ways. Some works included a dress made entirely out of pins, crazy hand crafted coffins and tiny pencils with letters carved into the led. This exhibition really showed the skills people can achieve with their hands and mind and the need to celebrate the power of making.


Crochet Fortune Cookies

I wanted to make something cheap and cute for valentines day. It may be totally useless but a crochet fortune cookie with a love heart button as the fortune is the best way to say I love ooo, aww.

Puff & flock


I came across Puff & Flock whilst researching textile crafts for my degree last year. They’re a collective based in London who formed in 2008. They all take a different approach to textiles, design and crafts but have the same concepts to challenge and take risks which gives all their works a common ground and narrative. They have shown at Designers Block which is well known for displaying work which is more experimental and more about showing the idea rather than a finished product.


Crochet head band

This started out as the back of my crochet cardigan but when I realised it was far too wide, probably due to my tension, I had already done 6 rows and didn’t want to pull it all out and start again. I decided to make a head band out of it by tying it round my head in a simple knot, this made it look like a bow so I stitched it in place and wrapped a ribbon around the middle of the bow. And there you go, a lovely comfy head band for my le tete.



This lovely little craft shop is situated in Denby Dale, Huddersfield. It not only has a colourful range of yummy yarns, including sock yarn which is really popular at the moment, but it also provided workshops for people to join and learn a new skill. Knitting, crochet, felting, spinning and rug tufting are just some of the great workshops run here. I run the crochet and knitting workshops which I thoroughly enjoy running in such a nice space with enthusiastic people. The shop also has a Shall room which has many different textiles collected from the owners travels to India which she takes twice a year.

Crochet socks

These are my beautiful crochet socks Iv been working of for ages to get them to fit just right. They’re the most comfy, warm and colourful bed socks ever. I now actually look forward to bed time and having cold feet so I have to put them on. Made using Schopple Wolle, Crazy Zauberball. Bought from the lovely Spun¬†yarn shop, Byram Arcade, Huddersfield.