The Bowery

This is the Bowery in Leeds, a craft café/ gallery/ creative workshop venue. Its got it all if creativity is your cup of tea. The café serves lovely food, cakes and drinks along with displaying works from artists such as paintings and crafty objects. I am really looking forward to teaching a class in decoupage in August. Take a look at the wide range of quirky workshops such as tea cup candles, cupcake decorating and lamp shade making.
Decoupage – bangles and brooches
Meet the maker-
Learn how to transform bangles and brooches by carefully selecting papers to emanate a particular style. varnish and paste them onto your object for a shiny, flawless finish.
Sat 04/08 10-12pm £25


Recycled knitting

This bag is made from recycled materials and simply knitted up. This consists of 1 ladies cotton top, 1 plastic bag, 2 ribbons and 1 button. I’m running a recycled knitting and crochet workshop on the 14th of April at Unravel, Denby Dale. This will involve making bags and purses made out of any old materials, cut and rolled into workable balls to knit and crochet up into something not only striking and fun but useful.

Check out the new time table for workshops at Unravel, I will be teaching the knit and crochet sessions:

Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson is one of my favourite designers, with her playful, soft and colourful characters that adorn interior products its no wonder I smile every time I see her works. I have a Donna Wilson cat called Tigg which and sits proudly on my bed, who said cuddly toys are just for kids?! I love the illustrated tea trays and egg cup just as much as her patterned cushions and poofs. Most of her textiles is made from machine knitted lams wool and is then slightly felted to make a super soft finish. Here’s a like to her lovely website:  If you care to take a peek I’m sure you’ll become as big a fan as I am.