State of craft

This was a book I couldn’t resist when I saw it in the book shop. It shows you how to make crafty items designed by independent artist. It has weird and wonderful designs which use all kinds of crafts from crochet to screen printing, decoupage to beard making. I began to make these stuffed birdies, from the book, using machine embroidery and fabric pens. This was a nice change from my usually crochet based projects. I am also in the process of making a bear made from leather and wool… pics to follow.


Lovely gifts

One of my crochet pupils has had to end her lessons as she is moving to Wales. I was delighted to be given these wonderful gifts as a thank you. The card has a tiny knitted piece on what looks like tooth picks with beads on the end to make them look like knitting needles and I received a lovely box of luscious lush goodies. Thanks so much Ann, it was a pleasure teaching you : )

Red, white & blue bunting

This was my attempt to be patriotic for the Jubilee. I only decided to crochet it on the Thursday and it was done just in time for the end of the Jubilee celebrations on the Sunday. Oh well I’m sure it will come in for the Olympics : ) Bunting is great to make if you want a quick, pretty decoration with little concentration needed.