Fingerless Leaf Gloves

This pattern was found on Revelry. With its lovely lace leaf pattern and autumn coloured yarn its the perfect autumn project. Worked on 4 dp needles its a totally hassle free and easily portable. 12144042_1686605638244109_1285023526_n



Crochet Cardigan 

 This cardigan has admittedly taken me 1 year to complete :0 Due to not realising the patter was American and starting off with the wrong stitch, rookie mistake, but then deciding I wanted to change the sleeves twice after completing them both times. But I love it all the more for the time it has taken me. Finished off with this lovely beaded pin picked up from Unravel, which is a must visit shop if you are from around Yorkshire. Just in time for summer 🙂

Cosy New Designs




This is some work from my new collection. Cosy warm and great for those winter days. I’v been using natural colours and I just love this rusty copper colour. It is my own pattern design and they are made up of a crochet shell stitch which is simple but detailed and textured. The cowl is designed to be put round the neck once and then buttoned up to where you feel comfortable. More colours and design in my Etsy shop I’m loving my new cosy designs but now to find more crafts stalls to show them at and perhaps a better photo shoot and lovely new printed labels.

Stall 8th Oct 2012

I was asked to show my work and demonstrate crochet at a lady’s lunch and talk in a village near me. Mary who runs a knit shop In Denby Dale spoke about her travels to India exploring all the beautiful textiles made over there. She had the most exquisite samples of handmade cloth, embroidered and printed and dyed. She explained the techniques they use and spoke of how the people make their money and how the families work in remote parts of India. It was so interesting and heart warming as Mary also told us how she, and others, set up a co-operative to help teach young Indian girls skills in textiles so they could make their own living and wouldn’t have to be married off, or at least they would have a choice. So not only was it a great talk but I also got to show off some of my work and sell pieces. I made cowls, head bands, bunting and brooches. The event was all in aid of raising money for a local hospice and they raised over £900! which is great. It was a lovely day… yummy lunch too.

Crochet Cushion

This is a lovely cushion I made as  sample for a knit shop. I made the crochet piece and then it was sewn to the front of a cushion. It looks so much better then I imagined now it is stitched to the cushion. It was a pattern form a knit& crochet magazine. I didn’t choose the colours but they look great. I have bought autumn coloured yarns to make another one but with my own wavy pattern. Lets see how it turns out.

Jammy Dodger & Custard Cream

This was a project for the WI of Huddersfield, also know as the Tea & Tarts. They asked me to crochet a giant Jammy Dodger & Custard Cream as prizes for a competition they were having called Attack of the Massive Snacks. This is where people think of a snack and cook it or bake it but massive. This was held at the annual Hullabaloo in the park organised by the WI. It was a great event with stalls, competitions, live music, cakes and games. Cant wait for next year where I will enter the Attack of the Massive Snacks and hopefully win!

State of craft

This was a book I couldn’t resist when I saw it in the book shop. It shows you how to make crafty items designed by independent artist. It has weird and wonderful designs which use all kinds of crafts from crochet to screen printing, decoupage to beard making. I began to make these stuffed birdies, from the book, using machine embroidery and fabric pens. This was a nice change from my usually crochet based projects. I am also in the process of making a bear made from leather and wool… pics to follow.

Lovely gifts

One of my crochet pupils has had to end her lessons as she is moving to Wales. I was delighted to be given these wonderful gifts as a thank you. The card has a tiny knitted piece on what looks like tooth picks with beads on the end to make them look like knitting needles and I received a lovely box of luscious lush goodies. Thanks so much Ann, it was a pleasure teaching you : )