Kim Searle

This is Kim Searle’s window display at A1 Stationary Huddersfield. Specialising in print Kim has arranged a representation of the town of Huddersfield using printing techniques onto papers, wood and fabrics. Huddersfield really suits quirk installations like this and I hope to see more.

Here is a statement from Kim about her work:

“I guess I make site specific work reflecting whatever environment I’m in at the time and my emotions towards it. Currently my work is reflecting Huddersfield and my sense of home and pride in the town and a want to convey my positive feelings about Huddersfield to other people. I also do a lot of community based artwork, encouraging other people to be arty and immersing myself in the art scene of wherever I am. My work is always over the top, whimsical and looks quite childlike”.

Here’s a link to Kim’s blog:¬†